Volume 001 25 years

Original music for COMMEDIA FUTURA Theater in der Eisfabrik

composed by Christof Littmann

Directors: David Brueckel, Henrik Kaalund, Felix Landerer, Wolfgang A. Piontek, Marc Praetsch, Minako Seki, Sabine Seume

18 tracks, duration: 59:57

Release: 2013/06/07

25 years Commedia Futura

The first volume in the KlangKlang series is a compilation commemorating the 25th anniversary of COMMEDIA FUTURA Theater in der Eisfabrik in Hannover, Germany.

COMMEDIA has performed over 50 original productions to date. The original music composed for the productions was understood as more than just an acoustic accessory and time and again it added to the pieces bringing in an additional layer of expression. The 18 tracks heard on the compilation have been taken from the following productions:

*Nighthawks, Arizona Dream, Die Rückkehr des Blade Runner, auf der Suche nach dem heiligen Leib-Pasolini, Stilleben in einem Graben, Himmel und Hölle, Close to Paradise, Schlagt Eure Zähne in mein Herz, Hotel Many Welcome, Le Cadavre Exquis, Traumatorium