Volume 002 Tante Minnas Garten

Original music from „Tante Minnas Garten“

composed by Christof Littmann

Director: Felix Landerer

08 tracks, duration: 52:37

Release: 2013/12/01

coverphoto: Marc Seestaedt

Tante Minnas Garten

The 4th collaboration at the time between Felix Landerer & Company and Christof Littmann from 2010 describes a family celebration with all of their unspoken or often openly carried out conflicts and intertwinements.

The dance theater piece begins with piano music which seems to come from a long forgotten time and is used to symbolize the outlasting character of generations.

As a matter of artistic consequence, the entire music of the piece is almost exclusively comprised of piano sounds. They can be heard as a “true piano”, as a prepared piano á la Cage or digitally processed to a point of extreme estrangement where it crosses over into the realm of electronic music; even the sounds of a burning piano were used!

Out of a borderline chaotic culmination, the music returns to the musical theme of its beginnings, as a symbol for the eternal circle of life and its recurrence - a symbolism of families.