Volume 003 Scapino Works

Original music from „Irreversible“, "Kranke Katze" and "Blind Spot"

composed by Christof Littmann

Director: Felix Landerer

10 tracks, duration: 54:16

Release: 2013/12/01

coverphoto: Hans Gerritsen

Scapino Works

Volume 3 of the KlangKlang series is a compilation of compositions from three different dance pieces which arose out of a collaboration with the choreograph Felix Landerer and the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam during 2012 and 2013.

The music for “Irreversible” is dark, monotonous, and at times even backwards. It creates an extreme counterpoint to the dance rollercoaster of motion and sculptural performance.

“Kranke Katze” is a contribution to the theme evening “Le Chat Noir”. As a tribute to the famous artist meeting point in Paris in 1920s, the 2nd Gnosienne of Eric Satie is taken up and transformed into a futuristic robe of sound.

The music from “Blind Spot” predominately deals with a mixture of noise and rhythm. The noise was technically manipulated to the point where the rhythm finds its existence through the very manipulation of the noise.