Volume 004 Orpheus

Original music from „Orpheus Heartbeats“

composed by Christof Littmann

Directors: Maura Morales, Felix Landerer, Wolfgang A. Piontek

10 tracks, duration: 58:35

Release: 2013/12/01

coverphoto: Ralf Mohr


In this collaboration between COMMEDIA FUTURA Theater in der Eisfabrik and Landerer & Company from 2013, the Orpheus story is retold as a multimedia experience.

As a result, the sound track is forgotten and replaced by a sound reduced to its bass frequencies that metamorphoses almost imperceptibly, yet still heard, into an inferno of sound which abruptly stops only to reform. Industrial sounds rain down, a grappling rhythm, a soothing piano theme, all accompanied by dancers in slow motion. A kaleidoscope of sounds from and for the underworld produced as a backdrop.