Volume 005

Original music from "Good Lock" and „Ross lost it“

composed by Christof Littmann

Directors: Simone Deriu, Felix Landerer

10 tracks, duration: tba

Release: 2014/01/12

coverphoto: Marc Seestaedt

Ross lost it

Limitlessness – a condition that every contemporary human knows in one way or another. The feeling of doing everything and also of watching everything pass you by finds an experimental musical interpretation:

It began with Christof Littmann playing around 50 of his own original compositions all at the same time and recording the sound cacophony. From this he took the smallest of fragments - sometimes only a spilt second, and used digital processing to stretch them to a thousand times their original length.

The results are tapestry of sound weaved with a palate of musical colors that range from almost sheer noise to natural impressions and are simultaneously associations of presumably foreign sounds. Symphonic-orchestral and pure acoustic stimulations are used against this tapestry as counterpoints.