Volume 006

Original music from "Illumination“

composed by Christof Littmann

Director: Felix Landerer

coverphoto: Marc Seestaedt



The soundtrack to Illumination was another work that was commissioned by Landerer & Company and was first performed in 2012. Illumination is "strange characters that appear to be the embodiment of facts that we can't fit into a shoebox and serves as a reminder that we have to live with the continual change and contradictions of life".

Christof composed a kaleidoscope of various musical spirits: rough, soft, kitschy, epochal, to give voice to electricity. A fairground organ drowns out beguiling folk music. They both intertwine to form a unity. A dulcimer plays a minute long tremolo accompanied by unidentifiable noise. Somehow, all of it comes together to create meaning in a magical way. Most importantly, the music is not generated outside of you and then finds its way to your ear, the music is generated directly inside of you and resonates inside you head as if it was never intended for anyone else to hear, just you.